Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a really smart and easy-to-use product feed image editor. Everything what needs is take your .xml feed URL, then it change images from your feed - depends on your set up (you can put some image there like your brand or some badge (free shipping, in stock, etc.). In final part of process it gives you a new .xml feed URL with enhanced product feed images.

What happens when count of items in my source .xml feed has been changed?

If there is more products than your actual pricing plan allows, you have subscribe to bigger pricing plan. Don’t worry about that, will send you an email notification about that.

Do I pay for my advertising?

Nope. just helps you with edit your product feed. You pay technology fee.

How often do you update data from my source .xml feed?

Once a day.

What happens to my campaigns if I unsubscribe from

Your customized product feed will be stopped and will replace it by source feed so your campaigns can continously run!

What is the difference between the pricing plans?

Your pricing plan depends on count of items in your product feed.

Do you offer consultancy on Facebook Advertising?

Yes, but it isn’t primary service. It’s individual so if you are interested in consultancy on Facebook Advertising just write us to (pricing is indivual).

Do you offer special pricing for educational institutions & nonprofit organizations?

Sure. Just write us to

Have another question?

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